Four Corners Builders Association

One-Stop Shopping Service (our "Bid Board")

Our Members page lists all of the services that our members provide.

How it Works
When you submit your project for bid, the project is listed on a secure, members only page on this website that can only be accessed by our members.

Any project, large or small, is eligible to be placed on our bid board!

How to Submit Your Project for Bid
To submit a project for bid, call (970) 565-1771 or e-mail us at us with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Phone number(s)
  3. E-mail address
  4. A description of your project
  5. The expected completion date (or a time frame) for your project
  6. Your deadline for receiving bids

What Happens Next?
It may take a couple of days for your project to be listed on our website. Once it's listed, a e-mail is sent to all of our members that a new bid has been posted for member review and response in the "Members Only Area" of our website, a password-protected secure section of our website viewable to our members only.

If your bid deadline passes and you haven't accepted a bid, or would like to receive more bids beyond the initial deadline, just contact us and we'll change the deadline to another date.

Your information will be posted as shown in the example below:

Current Project Bids

Bids posted below are from requests from potential customers that have contacted the Four Corners Builders Association.

This service is provided for the benefit of members only, any misuse or abuse of this service by an FCBA member will result in that member being denied access to this page.

Description Contact Contact email Contact Phone Bid Deadline
A description of your project along with the completion date or time frame. Your name Your email address Your Phone number Bid deadline date

The Four Corners Builders Association does not make any guarantee concerning the following bids, they have been submitted to the FCBA for the exclusive use of our members to bid on potential projects/jobs.